Crown Land outside of Kingston

June 10, 2017

We found a sweet little spot just off of an unmarked logging road. I will never be able to tell you exactly where we were. The mosquitos were the worst I’ve ever experienced, but we had settled near a small creek which was a breeding ground for dragonflies. We stood with our feet in the cold water (thankfully, as it was easily 30 degrees and humid as hell) while hundreds of dragonflies flitted around us, occasionally colliding with our legs. The next day we went searching for a new site and inevitably took a few wrong turns and had to backtrack.

After exploring an abandoned ranger camp we went to try and find a secluded lake that is only accessible through a trail that is definitely only meant for ATV’s. The truck got stuck on a rock about a third of the way into our drive, and was in danger of getting stuck again for a couple more kilometres until we pulled off the road. We were deep into the woods and well out of cell phone range. Even if we had been able to call for help, we wouldn’t have been able to accurately describe where we were, since to get here we had just turned onto a trail that seemed to be heading in the general direction of the lake. We walked maybe a kilometre through the mud until, finally, the path opened up to a large rock nestled in the side of a small lake. We swam and stayed on the warm rock for a while, until it was late enough that we knew we wouldn’t get back to the campsite before dark.

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