April 25, 2017

I found some other Canadians at the hostel who wanted to go to Haleakala for the sunset. I was so relieved because I wouldn’t have been able to rent a car or afford a tour. Five girls piled into a jeep and made our up up the volcano, navigating endless switchbacks. Eventually we drove through the clouds and reached the summit about an hour before sunset.

Obviously the three Canadians found the coldest place in Maui at 10,023 feet, but it felt so welcome. We spent some time walking around and taking photos before settling on the volcanic rocks to watch the sun set below the clouds. I was obsessed with the observatory that sits adjacent to the viewing area.

We left quickly, trying to get ahead of the asshole(s) who drove up the volcano in a brand new Mustang (which was a good idea since the same person tried to pull out of their parking spot into our car). As we made the slow way down the switchbacks in the dark, Tracy Chapman and the Eagles played on the radio.

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